Friday, November 14, 2008

our Adoption Journey

well since this is my very first blog...I thought I might explain a little why I started my Etsy store, a little about myself and our journey to parenthood....

I've been married for over 8 years to a wonderful man. We got married young...right out of Bible School...and wanted to start a family (well I did lol) after a couple years. After losing two pregnancies I was diagnosed with PCOS which I'm not really sure I have. (I don't have any symptoms...but have all the symptoms of low progesterone...I'm no doctor...but I know my body)

After a "failed adoption" (birthmother changed mind at last minute) and fertility treatments for 5 months with no success....I decided to just give up on the dream of being a mama.

About 6 months later, we got a phone call from a coworker of my husbands...that knew someone who wanted to choose adoption for her unborn baby...without going into too much detail....she chose us!

We saw our beautiful son Jude being born and went home with us the next day. Our lives, including my family, have not been the same since...I'll blog more about him later.

So now it's been almost 3 years and we are ready to begin the adoption process again. We don't know if it will again be an independent, private adoption, or through a facilitator or an agency. We are hoping for another independent...but those are rare...but we are hopeful...either way adoption is very expensive....and so enters my Etsy Store! (Oh I forgot to say that we are hoping to adopt twins...)

I opened it 3 months ago and I absolutely enjoy making stuff and selling it! I make messenger bags, magnet sets, baby blanket sets and sweet booties. I also take pictures locally and enjoy that as well. All of our proceeds go to our adoption fund!

so with that...I will continue to blog about our adoption journey, mishaps in parenthood, my crazy two year old, God, family, rants, rages and whatever else comes to this meloncoly/choleric mind.


wildchildnatural said...

Congrats on your first blog, and on the adoption.
Maybe i'll see you around etsy!

Jess said...

Your story is very inspirational,Congrats on Jude hes so adorable! and good luck with your next adoption!

marisela said...

thanks to both of you!

TNT2008 said...

What a blessing!

After being told pregnancy would be very difficult for me and would require surgery, my husband and I got pregnant the next month! Two years later, we have 2 precious miracles and we will be celebrating our daughter's birthday on Tuesday and our son's two weeks later.

I was adopted and am extremely grateful for my parents and the fact that God gave them to me:)

Good luck with your journey!

Jeanne Selep said...

I've reached the beginning of your blog! I love your blog, and the combo of text and photos. Very inspirational.