Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Over and Out

Well we had our phone conference today...I just got off the phone, so I'm still trying to process the whole thing. It went well...we answered some tough questions...and the birthmother is amazing. However, I don't know if we are the family she is looking for. I just have that feeling. Who knows...

All we can do is wait and see...
I'm trying not to over analyze the whole conversation...that's soooo hard for me.
I am glad that the first initial phone call is over...the anticipation of the unknown is gone. So now we are waiting for her to choose or not choose us. I don't know how long that will take...hopefully soon we will have an answer.

Friday, June 26, 2009

What's in a conversation?

A birthmother from our agency has narrowed her decision down to 2 families...and we are one of them. (enter happy jig here) We have a phone conference with her on Tuesday. I've never done this before. With Jude's birthmother we just met at a restaurant...up close and personal. The kicker is that my hubby will be 3 hours away at his lunch break...so we won't be able to "read each other"...let's just say I won't be able to "give him the eye" if he needs it lol. This is the next step. If she choses us...she is due in 6 weeks. I have butterflies in my stomach...I'm hopeful, yet cautious. She hasn't picked us yet...and if she doesn't pick us...that's okay too. I'm restraining myself from daydreaming about the nursery, what the sex of the baby is, what it will feel like to hold a newborn in my arms...okay I'm stopping. I don't know what questions she will be asking us...so everything will be on the spot answers...I'm a "prepare ahead" type of gal...so the anticipation is overwhelming. My only peace is knowing that it's in God's hands...

so what's in a conversation....?

....our baby could be.
p.s. the pic is of my hubby and son on our trip to San Diego a couple of weeks ago.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


So to make a blog entry short...it's been an eventful 3 weeks. We went on vacation for an entire week in San Diego...family action packed...only to return home...wash our clothes and move 3 hours away from home. My hubby got a detail for 6 months. Before we left...literally the next day, we met with our social worker to read through our homestudy...it was weird reading about what someone else thinks of you. It went well.

Right before we left on vacation she called to say that there were 2 potential birthfamilies...however one family decided on a family in another state...and the other one wasn't sure she was going to choose adoption....

So that's that...and that is okay!

Just minutes ago she called and said there was another potential birthmother. Her plan for her baby matches ours and they will be showing her our profile. She is due in August.

We are excited...even if she doesn't choose us. Just getting the ball rolling is comforting. We are in the whirlwind of waiting...seeing if they choose us...not getting our hopes up...but yet getting excited....The only thing we can do is pray and continue to live our lives with the comfort of knowing that someday...and hopefully soon...we will be bringing our kiddo home.

On another note...moving 3 hours away is hard. I miss my family dearly...and my sister just moved back into town. Jude misses his "gramps" and talks to him everyday. When we arrived here...we moved into a house we saw online...it looked great in the pics...but was NOT ok. So we moved out of there after 2 days and into another one...so I finally feel like I can set up "house"...but I'm ready to go back home for the weekend...back to "my" Walmart, Co-op, Target and bed.