Tuesday, December 2, 2008

my photography

I love taking pictures....I used to work as a typesetter for my local newspaper office, when I was in high school. They quickly realized that I was a perfectionist with a dash of OCD...and was perfect for the job. One of the sports photographers started training me in the dark room and I was instantly in love...not with him, you sicko....but with photography :) My junior year, my school needed to send a high school student to a college course in journalism...mind you I was never in journalism....and they sent me...I have no idea why. My 1st week there was miserable...I had never been away from my parents, was EXTREMELY shy...and I was surrounded by total strangers....in a class that I never had interest in. I sat and cried in the Mac Lab...because I couldn't figure out how to turn on the darn thing....much less understand any of the programs (I had a PC)....and none of those journalism snobs helped me. They were too busy making out. By the third week I was ready to go home...until they handed each of us a camera. Our assignment was to take a whole roll of film, develop it and come up with a quirky tagline...needless-to-say...I won the contest....and I've never stopped.

I mostly enjoy taking pictures of pregos, babies, children and families....I've shot some weddings...but they are so stressful....but they pay well!