Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Family of Four

Wow...I never knew it could take 20 minutes to get into the car. I've learned in the last 2 weeks...that adding another kiddo to the mix...someone always has to go poop. We are home home....and we haven't stopped. We are also preparing to throw my son's 4th B-day party this weekend...yes...2 months late...but a full force dress up kinda party...hey I should be hanging castle walls right I'll keep this short. We are in the end stage of the adoption Scarlytt has to live here for 6 months to become a "resident" of our state...and then we can file for finalization.
She is a sweet baby. Sleeps well...eats well...and is super laid back. She's only thrown a couple of 2 am parties. She is a delight..and  we can't wait to see her personality unfold. Our son had a rough first week...trying to figure out his role...he is officially the diaper thrower and door opener. We are all adjusting well...
We are now a family of four.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Scarlytt Raquel

Our beautiful girl is here...and she's perfect. I will tell you the last couple of days are a whirlwind behind us. We got a call last Monday that the doctors decided to induce the birthmother..we threw things in a bag and headed 14 hours to the hospital. We didn't make it to her birth...I got to hear it by cell phone lol...and heard her first cries. She was born on my birthday.
God is amazing. His gifts are perfect. His mercy and tenderness towards me is undeserved....He is so gracious.
I've enjoyed hearing the little squeaks of a newborn...even smelling like puke n' poop....she is so peaceful...and has mounds of hair!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


(enter whirlwind here)
We drove through the great state of Texas in record time...especially with a 4 year old. The birthmother had a amniocentesis done this past Tuesday....and we found out that she isn't as far along as we thought. They are guesstimating around 35 weeks or so. They don't know. I'm glad that baby girl still has some "cooking" to do. The reason they were going to induce was because for a 39 weeker she was measuring small...and they were concerned that she wasn't growing all along...she just isn't "done" I'm flying back by myself in 2 weeks...well that's the plan...but like we all know...plans change.

God's hand is very much in control...and I love it.