Friday, November 14, 2008

my sunshine boy

Jude: full of energy, leader, strong, hard-headed, stubborn, super smart, uncompromising, mechanically inclined, sweet, caring, helper, strong-willed, loving, sensitive, teaser, loves to learn and to be read to... 2 years old...and counting.

He is our sunshine boy. He keeps me busy 24-7... but I love it. I can't believe God would entrust us to be his parents and to nurture this precious gift...he brings so much life to our lives!

We had a blast taking him to the Corn Maze this was my first year that my hubby could go. Jude spent the majority of the night dancing....he's just like his mama!


Chris & Tina Pfeiffer said...

Your son is a character for sure...the photos with the cowboy hat are so great! :0)

Nice start on your blog, btw, will keep my eye out for new posts..found you on Etsy.

Casie, the Great said...

Omg. He is totally adorable!

Your blog is rad and so is your stuff!