Sunday, November 16, 2008

I love to custom magnet sets

I am a gift giver...and I do it well. I love the whole packaging process and imagine my friends, my family and my customers opening up the gift I've wrapped and always tied with raffia. I also like tucking snips of greenery or flowers from outside under the heart goes into that lol.

I also love to custom make. I love that the customer had their hand in the process and hopefully get exactly what they wanted. I love it when I get exactly what I want :) I custom made these for Enyaeire (by the way you should check out her shop for amazing crochet items)

I listed these pretties today...all my magnet sets make great gifts...whether its stocking stuffers, office parties, hostess, teachers, best friends...or just a thinking about you gift! Plus I can custom make to have almost any picture you want!


Distressing Delilah said...

You make beautiful magnets! I can tell you pay great attention to detail!

kimforbeads said...

Wonderful magnets, love your blog.

marisela said...

thanks you gals :)

mary jane said...

so pretty! i love getting a gift that looks like all the details were though of!

Hilaria Galleries said...

gorgeous magnets! i just started making mine with my artwork on wood bases...didn't think about glass...awesome!

wildchildnatural said...

beautiful magnets! I'll be getting the cats magnets soon ;)
just gotta get money into paypal