Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring cleaning or Nervous Energy?

So for the past week I've been doing things around the house, that I have been waiting to do forever. When we moved into our home, I spent days ripping off 80's wallpaper and painting. So by the time I made it to the bathrooms...I didn't care anymore. So they have been a boring white until this week...oh they did both have hideous borders that I scrapped off...but other than that...boring white. I decided on a deep chocolate brown with aqua accents...those colors seem so relaxing yet refreshing. After finishing the guest bathroom...I still had some paint left I painted our bathroom as well. I love it.

I've also had this overwhelming urge to clean and organize all of the closets in the house. I don't know why. Maybe it's nervous energy with the adoption process...or an urgency to get things in order before we add to our family...knowing that there won't be much time to paint, organize and etc or...I just like things to be in order...who knows.

I also planted our spring veggies. If you haven't heard about "gardening by the square foot", you should google it. Last year it yielded 13 inch zucchinis and so many tomatoes we couldn't eat them all. I love being able to go outside and pick fresh herbs and veggies to cook with. It's also teaching Jude on how to care for something. I let him help me water, weed and pick.

Speaking of Jude, last night was "one of those nights" when we put him to bed and the fight began. He loves to wait about 20 minutes...when you finally dozed off and are done for the scream..."I've got to go poooop!" can't deny him his right to go poop...and for the most part he really does need to there I go...get him up, turn light on...tell him to sit down...and then walk back to my room...after 1 second...he says "I'm doooone....go check...nothing. Explain to him that he can't get up anymore and it's time for bed....he does this for the next 2's husband has to get up in 4 hours...and is not happy. He finally does go....but then screams..."it's" I quickly get up, not knowing what's in store....I turn the corner and there he is on the potty...with his child potty seat stuck around his head. I immediately start laughing and grab the camera. Wow I'm such a good mom....right? Maybe this is how we all learned common sense. I took several minutes to get it laughing...him crying....and pics to document it all.


Jess said...

Very pretty bathroom, Such a great shot of jude :P, oh and I love teh pee in a cup that made me laugh!!

Good luck with all the adoption stuff!!

Jeanne Selep said...

LOL. Spring cleaning, nesting, and late nights with children... Good Luck with it all!