Wednesday, March 18, 2009

keeping busy

Well I finished our scrapbook file this past weekend...and I turned it in before I remembered to take some pics. It was a lot of fun, time consuming and nerve racking. When you think about it...our children's birthmother will be holding that book...we carefully crafted our words...thinking about each subject and how she would feel reading it. For instance when it came to Jude...we could have made a thousand pages of him....I have pics of every week of his life for the 1st year...and every month after that lol, but we didn't want the BM to think her child would be 2nd best. So I made 2 pages of him...describing our struggles with infertility, briefly his birthstory and his excitement to be a big brother. The whole thing came out beautifully. So now our social worker is working on writing our homestudy. We have submitted all the paperwork for that. From this point is a waiting game.

I've had a lot of extra energy this week...eventhough not a lot of sleep. I painted our guest bathroom a dark chocolate brown. I bought a new over the toilet storage chocolate and have aqua came out lovely. I've also been busy working in our yard...planting lettuce, snappeas, purple onions and dad helped me transplant some rose trees from my aunts house.
I need to make some more items for my etsy store...I just can't decide what. Blanket sets, Booties, Messengers or Magnets...I tend to sell in cycles....some things will fly off "the rack" one month...and the next another. So we will see....I'm thinking's spring..and soon summer...we all need something to carry all our crap in!
Jude helping grandpa plant the rose trees


Maya's Musings said...

Thanks for sharing, I am always so entertained, and amazed at your craftiness!

Jeanne Selep said...

I attribute spring to bursts of extra energy. Its great to get out and ready for warm weather, sun and fun outdoors. Your son looks adorable.