Thursday, March 12, 2009

a relief...

well today was the last "interview" portion for our homestudy. I'm so relieved and happy. It went well...and I felt way more relaxed....eventhough we were interviewed separately. I feel like it went smoothly.

Things you may need to have in place before your homestudy

1) a fire exit plan posted

2) fire extinquisher

3) emergency numbers posted

4) copy of children's immunizations or pet's shot records

5) keyed entry to any medicine cabinet

6) child locks on everything

7) comfort food...for afterwards :)

Jude was so cute today....he always asks a million questions about everything...and he asked why "that lady" was coming today...and then before I could answer...he so very matter-a-factly states "because she's going to help us get a baby sister..." I just nod.

He also peed in a cup today....we were in the shower and he insisted that I hand him his cup and close my eyes....I was washing my hair...when I realized what he has said....I looked down and he handed me a cup of pee...all I could do was laugh.


Natalie said...

I'm so happy that hurdle is over! Lots of comfort food for you :) We'll keep praying that just the right baby comes along for your family.

Jeanne Selep said...

Oh my gosh. I have four children and I don't think I have anything on that list other then the fire extinguisher. Will the baby be reading the exit plan like she is at a hotel?

marisela said...

Everytime I pass our front door I see the fire exit plan...and think the same this a hotel? Well I guess it kind of is...and I'm the the maid LOL

Sticky Tatts said...

Your blog is wonderful...its beautiful to come across other chistians across the web...I will be following you..God bless you and your growing family.