Friday, February 6, 2009

To be or not to be....we will see

A couple of weeks ago, my hubby, Jude and I were driving home from a fantastic lunch at a new bakery when we saw a huge sign that read "Adoption Services." We quickly looked at each other in surprise because there isn't an adoption agency for hundreds of miles in our state. Joe asked if we should turn which I replied..."sure, but it's probably an adoption program for pets" (LOL) I quickly realized we were both dressed NOT to impress...which is important to me...I don't know why, but it is...we went in...and yes it IS a real adoption agency that is just getting started. (they've also worked with the foster care system for sometime) They were very nice....(but not in a bubbly kind of way...which I admit, makes me nervous...) and professional....and they didn't seem to mind that we were not dressed to impress LOL....we actually walked in on a meeting they were having...but they took a couple of minutes to gives us the info we desired. Needless to say we have an appointment with them today at 5 pm. I'm excited....but there is always that side of me that may be too good to be true. However I did say that when Jude's birthmother said "yes, I would like you to adopt my baby" that's not always the truth. I'm trying to keep myself from daydreaming about a new the joys of waiting


Maya's Musings said...

Ohhh, I am so excited for you! I hope this works out. I am curious what the process will be, because we didn't use an agency for our adoption. Did you use one for Jude's adoption? Well I will be praying and can't wait to hear what happened.

marisela said...

no we didn't use an was a private independent adoption...this agency seems so reasonable in their rates....but I won't be sure of that until we meet....I have so many questions!!

Jeanne Selep said...

Maybe God just plopped that agency there just for you! Good Luck again.