Thursday, February 4, 2010


Well it's weeks before we bring our baby girl home, but I can't help but clean. It doesn't help that tomorrow I will be having gall bladder all I think about is that I won't be able to clean clean. I'm taking a short break to blog and then it's back to shop vac-ing baseboards. :)

 Today I received the birchtree decals I ordered off Etsy...I want to put them up....but I'm still waiting until it's closer to the due date. I can't even make myself wash the clothes that our family has so kindly bought already. The one "failed adoption" that we had...the baby was a I'm trying not to compare that situation to this one...because it's nothing like this one...and I don't really have the fear that that the birthfamily is going to change their adoption plans for their baby....but it's really difficult for me to completely un-guard my heart. So I'll wait a couple more weeks. The room is going to be darling. I had already painted it an aqua and cream...with chocolate and aqua damask accents...and the floor is shades of terracotta. There will be birch trees, peacocks, damask, sweet bunnies and maybe an owl or two...her crib bumber I still need to make (which will be aqua and chocolate damask)...and stain the furniture I bought 3 years ago...I don't know if we will get that done before she's here. I figure we have 6 months before we need to get her room completely done, since she will be sleeping in a bassinet in our room anyway. I'm excited to get this surgery over with and recover.

I'm praying for the birthfamily everyday...that they are strengthen through this whole process and that they feel God's love for them. I also pray that they both get the rest and health that they both need. They are so precious...and we absolutely love them.

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linda cardina said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! u do nice work. i just posted pics of my latest mural.

btw i posted a qquestion on one of your posts below....