Tuesday, February 23, 2010

my "rescue guy"

Today is my son's 4th B-day. This is a day that God ended my sorrow, pain and longing for a child. This is the day that I became a mama. I will remember this day until I die.
I will remember that it rained that night as we slept in the car. We just couldn't go to a hotel...we didn't want to miss his birth. He was perfect. I will remember feeding him that morning and singing.."you are my sunshine"...and watching his every move. I love being your mama Jude...with all my heart.
I didn't know then..what I was in store for. A bright, witty, passionate, hard-headed, teaser of a boy...one who loves dirt, trucks, playing pretend and reading books. One who would say "I'm a leader"...with such declaration...that I believe him. One who argues with everything and likes things in a particular way...and I guarantee it was the exact opposite of how you wanted it. One who doesn't like to lose. One who loves to pray...and calls himself a "mighty man of God" One who is passionate about music...especially Johnny Cash. One who loves soft things and hates the cold. One who loves to love. 
I love you my Jude...and I'm so thankful God blessed us with you. You are my "rescue guy", my knight, and my precious gift from above! 

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Blakenetizen said...

aaaaw :) Happy Bday Jude!