Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sugar and Spice

As I sit here trying to figure out words to express God's grace, mercy and peace... I can't. It's been an amazing journey so far.  Miracles are happening throughout this whole adoption process...that I can't even begin. The birthparents are beautiful. During our first meeting...we just sat and talked like old friends...
We pray that God will continue to knit our hearts together.

So since the last time I've blogged...we were told that it was a boy...however today at the ultrasound we found out that it's a girl!!!! We are amazed. Plain and simple. I can't belive that we will be meeting her in a matter of weeks. Our son has prayed for a baby sister for over a year when we told him that it was a baby girl and not a boy...he was confused and

Now to return some not-so-gender neutral clothing and make some slight changes to our registry....and make a crazy amount of hair wraps and sweet booties with flowers!


Natalie said...

We are so excited to hear of this new blessing that will soon grace your home. We continue to pray for every obstacle to be removed as this process continues and for a smooth transition into the joys of parenting 2! How wonderful to be able to open your home and your hearts to a beautiful baby girl.

Angela said...

Congratulations!!! Praying that everything continues to go well!