Thursday, October 8, 2009

Fall on the Brain

This week has been "difficult" to say the least. I hurt my back for the hundredth time...but there always seems to be good that comes from everything. Since I'm doing a lot of laying/sitting has given me more time to create. I doesn't hurt to move my I can still sew or glue.
I've also been able to slow down and enjoy the changing weather. Last Sunday was the harvest moon....we drove right into it for most of the night....surrounded by the desert's colorful skies and perfect purple was breath taking. In the town that we are staying a cute fabric shop that actually sold real felt....with wool...not just polyester. I've had a difficult time finding high quality wool I hit the jackpot...this of course came after I ordered a bunch online. However I found the perfect shade of pumpkin spice orange and made this hair wrap. It in honor of the best season....Fall

This weekend is the pumpkin festival and corn maze....I think I can manage making popcorn balls and homemade to follow :)

Adoption Process Update: today we got a phone call from the previous foster care situation. The foster mother told us that their social worker was very excited to get into contact with us. So we called and left a message. We still have a lot of questions....but it's a step forward.

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RhiannonSTR said...

I love your blog - the feel is so nice. Sorry about your back :(
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